Special DFW F3 Offer

Beat Down’s beating you down?

Are your HC’s turning into IR’s?

Getting your fitness right involves more than just showing up to the Beat Down. You also need to FIX YOUR OWN posture. Yes, the beat downs help you “get in shape,” but if you aren’t going to the effort of stretching out your tight muscles before the workout, they will mostly just get you in the wrong shape.

Do you find that you keep struggling with the same injury? Or maybe your post-workout soreness has turned into aches and pains?

Just like getting the guardrails in your life straight is necessary to accelerate quickly, getting your muscles straight is necessary to grow your fitness.

But a stretching program off the internet isn’t going to help YOUR posture. You need a stretching program that’s based off which muscles are tight on YOU, not the fitness pro or the national average. That’s why I complete a 2-hour orthopedic assessment focused on your static posture and range of motion before putting together a custom stretching program that will also fit into YOUR schedule. Proper stretching before a BD will get your body primed for optimal movement, which translates into faster gains and fewer injuries.

Because I want to support my F3 brothers, I have an exclusive offer for my F3 brothers in the Fort Worth area to help accelerate their growth:

  • A 2-hour orthopedic assessment and movement screening
  • Custom-designed stretching program
  • 1-hour coaching session to lead you through the stretching program

This is 3 hours of contact time and 2 hours of non-contact time where I am analyzing the results of the assessment and putting together a comprehensive stretching program that will accelerate your fitness.

Normally this would cost $375, but for my F3 brothers I am offering this for only $150 to the first 10 PAX who sign up!

After the first 10, I will be reducing the discount, so don’t wait too long.

Beyond the stretching program, I also offer full exercise programming and coaching, as well as nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you accelerate your life or to overcome any health challenges. If you are intrigued about what more we can achieve together, I am offering a discounted rate on all my services for my F3 brothers. Fill out the form below and I’ll schedule a free 30-minute phone/video call to see how we can help each other out.

About Me

Hi, I’m Protractor from The Bunker AO that is part of the F3 Alliance AO.

My hospital name is Randall Cook, and I’m a Christian, husband, father to 4 kids. Additionally I am an Integrated Wellness Coach (licensed CHEK Practitioner) with training in both Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (level 2) and Integrated Movements Science (level 2).

Currently I have a mostly full-time job as an architect designing healthcare facilities, but dream of supporting my family full-time helping people live their best life through coaching them in taking control of their own health and wellness.

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