Finding the right plan

There are so many diet and exercise plans out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

The first place to start is asking this simple question:

What is my goal?

The answer to that can take awhile to figure out. It has to be meaningful and specific. Just “getting healthy” is too generic to help you sort through the options out there.

The second question:

What is the goal of that program?

Almost all programs are effective in reaching their goals. For example, the keto diet is designed to make your body use a different metabolic pathway that uses fat as an energy source. A side effect is typically weight loss, but that is not the goal of the keto diet.

Finally, we need to ask:

Does the program’s goal align with my goal?

If the answer is yes, then it is worth digging into the details.

Does it fit into your ideal lifestyle?

Does it leave room for things you enjoy?

Will it take more time and energy than you have?

Your mileage will vary with each program you try – everything is an experiment on yourself. Be open to learning about why things “fail”.

Try to enjoy this adventure that is your life.

This applies to everything from deodorant to doctors.

What is the focus of your doctor/health coach/trainer?

My mission is to teach people how to live a healthy life. My special focus is on the interconnectedness of physical health and emotional health.

I can still help you without getting into emotional issues, but you won’t be getting the best I can offer.

If you go to a Neurosurgeon with a headache, they will be more likely to suggest surgery than another doctor, because that is their specialty. It doesn’t make them wrong, but does that align with your goals?

I think that every program you try should align with your goals, move you closer to your dream, and actually interest you.

As they say, the best exercise program is the one you do consistently.

If it bores you, it will take so much energy forcing yourself to follow through, that you won’t have what it takes to make good decisions in the rest of your life!

Are you interested in working with someone who is passionate about helping you live the adventure that excites you?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see if our goals align!

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