Protecting Your Health

We all work hard to protect the things and people we love.

Some people make their career out of protecting everyone in their town.

Some people make it their mission to be prepared to protect their family if something terrible happens.

How many work to protect their health?

Eating healthy, staying active, getting sleep. It all takes time, and it is usually the first thing we cut out when things get busy. We sacrifice the activities that keep us healthy to take care of others.

But that is a sure-fire way to sickness and disease.

As someone who mostly ignored their health for the first thirty years of his life, I can tell you that every day you do not actively work to protect your health from everything that drains and attacks your health, you are borrowing against the future and when that bill comes due it is not pretty.

Suddenly you no longer have the energy or health to take care of any one.

It becomes a struggle just to get through each day.

Maybe you end up running to the toilet 15 times a day.

Maybe you can barely stay awake, so you drink 6 cups of coffee just to stay functional.

Maybe you have constant pain that only stops with pain killers.

Maybe you end up in the hospital.

Protecting your health is NOT that hard.

It does not take a huge effort to take care of yourself.

It may take a huge shift in perspective, though.

Here are some of the shifts that I had to make.

Shift #1: Taking care of yourself is not selfish

I constantly remind myself of this, but it is 100% true.

I tried to take care of everyone else and made myself so sick that I could not take care of anyone.

A little time here and there and you are prepared to take care of others.

Shift #2: Cutting out most sugar makes food sweeter

This one takes time for your taste-buds to adjust, but foods have come to taste much sweeter now that I am not constantly consuming over-sweetened products.

Once you have adjusted, you begin to appreciate the natural sweetness of foods. You will also realize how disgustingly sweet so many products are – like ketchup.

Shift #3: Not everything you eat is food

I have found this mindset key to cleaning up my eating – just because they sell it in the grocery store and you can chew it up and swallow it, does not mean that it is food.

For me, food is a substance that BUILDS health.

Over half the grocery store is filled with non-foods.

Shift #4: Not all “health-foods” are healthy

What is a magic elixir for one person, is a poison for another. There are millions of constantly changing factors that go into how each individual reacts to food and supplements, so there cannot be One Diet To Rule Them All.

Shift #5: Healthy is a direction, not a destination

Nothing about life is static. You are always moving and that includes your health.

You are either growing healthy, or you are dying.

Health is not a destination that you reach, it is a direction of movement, it is growth. That also includes your thoughts and ideas about what is “healthy”.

The science about health is constantly evolving. It seems like everyone is saying conflicting things about what being healthy means. The best judge of healthy is how YOU FEEL.

That’s where ShieldWolf comes in.

My goal is to give you the tools and UNDERSTANDING to grow healthy again.

Together, we work to find a diet and lifestyle that supports your growth.

And once you feel what it is like to be HEALTHY, you realize that it is worth PURSUING, and once you have hold of it, that it is worth PROTECTING.

If anything above resonates with you, Contact us and see if we can help each other.

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