What is an “Integrated Wellness Coach”?

Pain is your body telling you that it needs attention, but we typically ignore it or numb it out until something breaks. I help people see where their life and body is out of balance and causing pain, and I teach and show them how to nourish themselves and move towards health. As an Integrated Wellness Coach I do not focus on one area to the exclusion of others but understand that pain in one area requires care and assessment of all parts of a person because pain typically doesn’t come from where it is broken, but comes from the parts that have to pick up the slack.

The fastest road to health starts with being honest and objective about where they are at currently. I use a series of questionnaires that assess the stress they are putting on their body and the warning signs they are experiencing. I also analyze their posture and movement patterns to determine where they are misaligned, inefficient, or lacking. Using all that information, I work with them to develop and coach them through a stretching and movement program that will improve their range of motion, improve their posture, and restore their proper muscle function. We will reassess on a regular basis to measure their improvement and identify gaps in their program.

I do not treat their symptoms, I don’t even diagnose their disease – I help them make the long-term changes that nourishes health in their own body. My greatest accomplishment will be showing people that they have the tools to manage their own health, that they are not dependent on luck or medical professionals or pain killers to feel good. A good day is not just the outcome of good decisions yesterday, but of good decisions for the past week, month, six months, year.

If working with an integrated wellness coach sounds good to you, go to Request a Consultation and schedule an introductory 15 minute conversation.

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