Warrior 20/20

Why do so many men look up to the Spartans?

Beyond their strength and prowess in war, I believe it is because they long for a world where being a warrior is not only accepted, but required. This stands in stark contrast to our current world, where being a warrior is seen as dangerous.

This gives you two choices:

1) Create a warrior class that protects the “weak masses”.

2) Repress your strength and aggression to try and fit in.

Both of these create dysfunction.

A warrior class will quickly come to look down on the self-righteous masses who preach peace while relying on the warriors to defend them from the truly evil.

If you learn about the Spartans, you learn that their ability to dedicate their lives to the art of war was supported by their servants, their “essential workers” who put food on their tables, kept their buildings in repair. The Spartans saw them as less than themselves. This repeats itself around the world throughout history.

But repressing strength and aggression only leads to weak angry people.

There are many theories for the growing number of man-child, the thirty-year-old who doesn’t take responsibility for anything. They see themselves as the victims of the system, the rich, etc.

You can see this in the number of shootings that have increased over the last several years. As each one happens, the cry for men to give up their backward, aggressive tendencies increases, and instead of helping, I believe that it is creating the situation that it is trying to fix.

Instead, everyone needs to embrace the Warrior within.

The Warrior archetype is a crucial step on the road of personal growth. Trying to skip it is like trying to drive from New York to Alaska without going through Canada. You can go a long way, but you will eventually get stuck.

You can take the journey yourself, but if you want to save time:

You need a map and a guide.

And I would like to be your guide. I am a fellow-traveler on the warrior path. I spent most of my life trying to suppress my anger and aggression, believing that it was something to be feared, but now that I have embraced the Warrior, my life has moved ahead in leaps and bounds. I am still not there: old habits, old ways of thinking, are hard to change; but I want to be your guide and help you to create your map to becoming the Warrior that you have feared and that you have dreamed of becoming.

So who am I?

I am a husband and father. In my teens I dreamed of joining the military but was too cowardly to step out from my comfortably uncomfortable life. I am a Warrior-in-training. I am also a CHEK Trained Professional, having achieved Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and Integrated Movement Science Level 1 certifications. Don’t let the word “Holistic” scare you off – it just means to look at you as one complex person instead of a collection of unrelated systems. Together those certifications prepared me to look at your whole life and identify the areas that are holding you back from thriving in your life. That’s why Warrior 20/20 is more than a physical training program.

So what does it mean to be a warrior?

Being a warrior is more than weapons and fighting.

Otherwise, there is no difference between a warrior and a fighter.

Being a warrior is more than physical strength.

It requires loyalty, judgment, patience, dedication.

Being a warrior does not require a uniform.

The Warrior lives inside each of us, whether we choose to embrace or reject it. It does not require being part of the military or a police department.

Being a warrior requires knowing your tools.

Your greatest tool is yourself. Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? How to take care of yourself?

Pain and weakness translates to being a liability when the call to arms is heard.

Being a warrior begins with purpose.

Do you know your purpose?

A true warrior trains.

Body, mind, and soul. With power and strength comes responsibility.

What is Warrior 20/20?

Warrior 20/20 is designed to give you clarity on your path of warrior-ship, and to start you out on your journey, to help you “cross the first threshold” as the Hero’s Journey puts it. To step out on the great adventure.

This is an 8-week coaching program that will give you tools to find your purpose, teach you the basic principles of taking care of yourself, and give you two 4-week movement programs that will improve your posture, mobility, and strength. We will also cover the Warrior virtues that separate a Warrior from a bully, providing him with the internal strength needed to face the challenges that will come.

What’s involved:

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Questionnaire ($50 value)
  • Food journal / Diet log review ($50 value)
  • Movement assessment via video ($100 value)
  • 5 one-on-one video calls ($500 value)
  • Weekly group video classes ($200 value)
  • Twice weekly emails ($50 value)
  • Two 4-week movement programs custom designed for you ($200 value)
  • Tools to help determine your purpose, what being a warrior means to you, evaluate your satisfaction with the different areas of your life.
  • At the end of the 8-weeks you will also receive a pdf of all the emails, so that you can have a ready reference as you continue your journey.

Here’s what Class 001 said:

Been working with Randall for a little over a month now and he has been phenomenal in identifying what needs work, what precisely the desired goals are, how best to achieve those targeted goals, and answering any questions that come up along the way. His goals are to get you set to where you want/need to be for the purpose of being the healthiest you, and his actions and work follow that goal beautifully.

I highly recommend ShieldWolf Wellness! They will help you to realize your wellness goals and give you the tools you need to maintain them. Thanks!”

So who is this for?

This is for any man who is ready to step into their role as the Warrior, who wants to be stronger in every part of their life, who wants to take control of their life. By following the principles in this program, you can lose weight, gain muscle, and improve your relationships; but this depends on YOU putting in the work. If you are not ready to put in the work, then you will get nothing out of this program.

This sounds great, but how much will it cost?

Let’s look at the value of what is included in the program:

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Questionnaire ($50 value)
  • Food journal / Diet log review ($50 value)
  • Movement assessment via video ($100 value)
  • 5 one-on-one video calls ($500 value)
  • Weekly group video classes ($200 value)
  • Twice weekly emails ($50 value)
  • Two 4-week movement programs custom designed for you ($200 value)

This is a total value of $1150!

The price for the Warrior 20/20 program is just $500!

This is a savings of more than 50% over the individual components!

When Can I Start?

Class 003 starts on Sunday, September 20, 2020.

The last day for enrollment is Friday, September 18th, 2020, to give me time to send out all the introductory material before class starts on Sunday.

Spaces are limited!

I am only opening up 10 slots for Class 003 to be sure that I can provide consistent attention to everyone! If you want to be notified when enrollment starts, put in your email below:

Still not sure?

Because I want you to be confident in your purchase, if you are still undecided if this is the right program for you, then click the button below to schedule a FREE 50-minute call where we can discuss the program and if it is the right choice for you.



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